Your Brand, their journey.

Earn trust from your expertise, change the conversation of your industry & drive in your dream clients using education focused video, made for the social space.

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Journi is a pioneering video branding company that believes your marketing today should create a journey of education for your dream clients tomorrow. We grow your credibility with a niche audience & drive in new client leads from the social space, using high-end video series powered by your expertise.

Prior to journi, you would need three separate agencies (brand consultant, film production house & social media advertising agency) to make this all work. Journi connects these dots in one place.


How It Works


Signature Strategy Session

First we bring clarity and direction that ensures your video content properly positions your brand, attracts your most valuable client, and brings you a return on investment within 60 days.


Video Series Production

Next, we dive into high-end video series production. Within just weeks, our film team is able to plan, capture, edit, and bring all of your expertise & episodes to life.


Drive In New Client Leads

Last, we create, manage & distribute your episodes as sponsored timeline ads on relevant social platforms. In doing so, we pin point the best fit audience, build your brand credibility & directly drive you new qualified clients.


The Signature Vlog Series

We transform your expertise into your own signature video series. Each series with us is packaged under it’s own concept which allows your expertise to stand under it’s own recognizable brand.



Client: Lutheran High School



Increase to their student admission rate. This was the highest rate of admissions in the schools history, largely supported by their 24 episode “Inside & Out” signature series.

Signature Series Name + Logo

Signature Series Name + Logo

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Client: BRASS Clothing



Performance wise, Woman’s clothing brand BRASS saw a 20 percent increase in web store sales after the release of their 12 episode signature series “Closet Talk”. The series also proved powerful in creating brand loyalty to existing customers as it inspired a more empowering shopping mindset

Signature Series Name + Logo

Signature Series Name + Logo


Client: Americorps x Phoenix Charter Academy

Signature Series Name & Logo

Signature Series Name & Logo