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What We Do

Journi is changing the way a professional service business becomes a leading brand authority of their space. We build new client lead engines that are powered by high-end vlog series & social media advertising as the fuel.

Up until now, you would need a hodge podge of agencies to make this happen. No longer. Journi impacts both your brand position & sales performance, within one turnkey service.



What you get.

  • Your expertise/messaging carefully formatted into high-end video episodes that connect with your most valuable client on a human level.

  • Becoming trusted as a leading authority within your industry

  • An increase in client loyalty (repeat client business)

  • Your own high-end, evergreen video content library, designed to be repurposed, recycled, and reused for future growth goals.

  • A turnkey engine that is able to deliver higher quality client leads on demand (using your video), when you need it most.


How It Works


Step #1: Position

Brand Authority Roadmap

First, we design a strategic roadmap for you that ensures your vlog series properly positions your brand, deeply connects your messaging with your target buyers pain & is able to drive you quality client leads within 90 days.


Step #2: Produce

Vlog Series Production

Next, we produce your high-end vlog series. Within just a few weeks, our film team is able to plan, capture, edit, and bring your episodes to life.


Step #3: Perform

Social Ads, Landing Pages & New Client Leads

Last, we create your landing pages, lead magnet offers and then distribute your vlog episodes as sponsored ads on social platforms. In doing so, we pin point the best fit audience, grow your credibility with them & convert them into new qualified client leads.


How we Serve

The Signature Vlog Series

We transform your expertise into your own high-end signature video blog series. Each series with us is packaged under it’s own unique name which allows your expertise to be recognized under it’s own sub brand.



Client: Lutheran High School



We Increased Lutheran High’s student admission rate by 38% . This was the highest increase of admissions in the schools history, largely supported by their 24 episode “Inside & Out” signature series.

First, we launched the vlog series on social platforms Facebook Instagram to drive in new family leads. We then re used them strategically within email marketing, and landing pages to increase open rate and conversion by over 40%

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Client: BRASS Clothing



Performance wise, Woman’s clothing brand BRASS saw a 20 percent increase in web store sales after the release of their 12 episode signature series “Closet Talk”. The series also proved powerful in creating brand loyalty to existing customers as it inspired a more empowering shopping mindset