Client: BRASS Clothing



Performance wise, Woman’s clothing brand BRASS saw a 20 percent increase in web store sales after the release of their 12 episode signature series “Closet Talk”. The series also proved powerful in creating brand loyalty to existing customers as it inspired a more empowering shopping mindset




Brass approached journi to collaborate on continuing to hone in on their core values using video in an authentic and conversational way. With the launch of their newest product "the closet kit" brass felt going the vlog route would increase awareness, traffic, and sales to their closet kit landing page.



Through the vlog series Closet Talk, owners Jay and Katie used video as a vehicle to have an intimate conversation about about their morning routine, how their closet matched their mindset, and how appearance connects to their quality of life. The tagline "Real talk on woman, appearance, and style" brought all the episodes together under one central theme, and the call to action on each episode produced an increase in traffic to the closet kit landing page, which in return increased the amount of product sales by 20% the week the series launched.   


 Vlog Series Packaging


Vlog Series Episodes


Where it went. How it performed. How is was Re-used. 

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