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Industry: Content Marketing/Branding

Package Used: 

Signature Vlogging Series 




With the launch of our re branded video content agency journi at the start of this year, we were in need of creating targeted brand awareness aimed at marketing directors and inbound agency owners seeking the best for video agency partner. 

We needed to establish our leadership as an approachable authority in the video content marketing space and wanted to use video content as the vehicle to share helpful information and a unique point of view that would best position the journi as a unique niche brand and attract the ideal client.

Lastly, on top of properly positioning our new agency we needed new leads entering their information to receive additional information or a follow up discovery call for possible collaboration. 



To achieve the the trust of being an expert in the video content marketing space especially in our awareness stage, we knew we would have to create and share original content within social media channels, especially linkedin and facebook seeing as we are a b2b company.

When thinking about how are audience would best experience our helpful information in the social media space, we realized our videos would  need to be personalized,  snackable, and consistent.

Taking all of these elements into consideration we designed a signature vlogging series for ourselves coined "1 for 30".

The tagline for this series was "one insight. one minute. thirty days". With this campaign we filmed a hosted podcast where we offered expertise on relevant topics surrounding the misconceptions of video marketing. We then cut that one podcast into 30 snackable, micro videos, each becoming there own episode to be shared every day for a total of 30 days.




coming soon...

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