Client: Lutheran High School



Increase to their student admission rate. This was the highest rate of admissions in the schools history, largely supported by their 24 episode “Inside & Out” signature series.




Lutheran High is a Private Christian High School located in Denver, Colorado. With Lutheran preparing to expand their school to take on more students in the coming year, it was important they were able to attract new incoming parents and students from their local area that believed in their vision. Lutheran had a need to re position their brand vision and communicate their deeper values. They were stuck with outdated written content that didn't fit their refined buyer persona, and were having a hard time getting buy in from local parents that had already come in for a tour.



We quickly realized that one cinema quality explainer video thrown on the front of their website, was not going to be enough to accomplish the branding or sales goals. We worked intimately with Lutheran to design them a custom 24 episode Signature Video Series.

The series was packaged under the name "Inside & Out" to focus in on the differentiated value Lutheran brings, which is helping students impact life both inside the classroom and outside of it in real life. Though the series launched organically on Facebook and Instagram to drive initial brand awareness from new students, over half of the snack-able episodes were quickly recycled to also strategically fit into Lutheran's existing inbound marketing strategy. This created a more human, authentic brand experience at each important stage of each parents buying journey.  


Vlog Series Packaging


Vlog Series Promo 

Vlog Series Episodes


How The Series Performed & How it is being Recycled.


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