Journi is a pioneering video branding agency that specializes in helping you use high-end video content as a vehicle to both inform & impact. 

We have a fire like passion to connect the dots that should link your branding, high-end video content & lead generation, given the world we live in today. To serve this need, we craft signature series that we then also distribute in the social space to generate new customer demand.



Video that doesn't have a content strategy behind it, is 62 percent more likely to fail. For this reason, we start with your Signature Strategy Workshop + Roadmap.

During your strategy session, together, we refine your brand values, define your content mission, tilt, format, competitors, film style, messaging, distribution, reusability, success metrics and more.



Now that we have successfully designed your roadmap, and have clarity on what exactly to create, it’s time to shoot and produce your episodes. Here we capture what we need to visually match your expertise to your brand values, bringing it all to life through high-end video that’s primed to perform.



Now that your episodes are completed, we create your landing page, ad copy & then distribute your episodes as sponsored social video ads. As we manage the ads we mold them daily to find your exact niche audience online. This gives you the foundation and confidence to continue with your series as you watch each episode generate new leads over time.



The Signature Vlog Series

Traditionally, when you hire film professionals, it comes without a marketing plan, is pretty expensive, and usually leaves you with one good looking video ad that you still have to figure out how to actually get to perform.

Journi is changing that.

Our Signature Vlog Series is a pioneering growth service that positions your brand as a go-to trusted resource through snackable and consistent, cinema quality video. Every educational series is tastefully packaged under one unified concept which allows your expertise to stand alone under it’s own recognizable brand.



Client: Big Green IT

Signature Series Name: “Cloud Chat”

Big Green IT approached Journi to humanize their leadership team & position them as a go-to educational resource in their niche of California IT leaders. Journi created the 10 episode content series “Cloud Chat” to educate on new products launching in the IT world. The series is currently being distributed via platforms LinkedIn and Youtube.

Signature Series Name & Logo

Signature Series Name & Logo


Client: Lutheran High School

Signature Series: “Inside & Out”

Growth Results: 6 months post launch, Lutheran has recorded their highest rate of admissions in the schools' history.

Lutheran high approached Journi to increase student applications and on campus tours. They were stuck with outdated written blog content that didn’t communicate their refined vision and values. Journi created the snack-able 24 episode “Inside & Out” series, launching one episode a week organically on relevant social platforms Instagram, You Tube and Facebook. We then integrated relevant episodes seamlessly into their existing sales process.

Signature Series Name + Logo

Signature Series Name + Logo

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 8.31.38 PM.png

Client: Brass Clothing

Signature Series Name: “Closet Talk”

Growth Results: Increase to web store sales by 20% the week the series launched.   

Brass approached Journi to dive into it’s deeper brand values in a conversational way while driving new traffic to their Closet Kit promotion. Journi created the 12 episode series “Closet Talk” releasing the episodes via Instagram, Facebook ads, and their monthly newsletter to existing customers.

Signature Series Name + Logo

Signature Series Name + Logo


Client: Americorps x Phoenix Charter Academy

Signature Series: “Access Granted”

Growth Results: 6 months post launch all resident positions for the program were filled with desired applicants.

The Americorps & Phoenix program approached Journi to rebrand their resident program & increase qualified resident applicants. Journi created the 7 episode content series “Access Granted” to position the program's core values and deeply explore the raw learning experiences that happen in the program. The series was distributed on Youtube, Facebook (sponsored) and seamlessly integrated into applicant qualifying process internally.

Signature Series Name & Logo

Signature Series Name & Logo