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Why was this series created?

Personalized, Conversational, Consistent, Cinematic, Reusable 

As blogging continues to become a more crowded space for marketers, and creating quality leads from it becomes harder, this has birthed a need for a consistent video option that allows small businesses to cut through the noise and gain influence, while at the same time position themselves as a brand. 

Why does this series matter?

The Signature Vlogging Series combines brand positioning, vlogging and lead generation into one package, making it accessible to the growing small business that see's itself as a brand.

The Signature Vlogging Series is the next level of blog marketing and for many small businesses, the start of truly positioning their brand. Here, each organization is now empowered to share their expertise with their unique lens, through their own custom designed vlogging series.

What does this vlogging series include?

Each Signature Vlogging Series is designed to be tightly packaged, consistent, and snackable enough to cut through the noise to start changing the conversation. The six elements of a Signature Vlogging Series are

  • Buyers Journey Strategy, to align the vlogging series with the specific offer and impact desired.
  • A custom vlogging series name and concept statement
  • Defined style and mood
  • Series Format, for a unified, repeatable structure
  • Soundtrack that best matches the personality of the organization and leadership.
  • Cinema quality video production and post production editing.


All of these elements work together once the vlogging series is launched to create a brand experience that attracts and converts not just any customer but the right customers.


What is the importance of the cinematic quality?

Regardless of what some may say, appearance does matter. An amateur look to to your videos can equal amateur brand in peoples mind, no matter how potent the message is. Because of this fact, the quality of the production in the The Signature Vlogging Series is executed at cinema level, minus the Hollywood studio price tag. This is done to make sure your expertise is dressed accordingly, your messages can cut through the noise, and your brand is represented at the highest level possible.   


Ten quality videos for the same investment of one.

Your average commercial video production house has the outdated "one shoot day, one video produced" price option that's honestly held the small business marketer back for years and is no longer relevant to how content performs online today.

With the signature vlogging series, that "one shoot day" is transformed and instead is able to capture all of the video needed to create the entire series.

For the savvy marketer, this means up to 10 pieces of quality inbound video for the traditional cost of one quality commercial video. In short this means more volume and more value at the same cost.


The ability to recycle, repurpose, & reuse. 

The true value of a signature vlogging series is much bigger than the first few months it is used. With the evergreen messaging of each video in the series, we help you effectively recycle, reuse and re purpose the relevant video from the original series for other stages of your buyer's journey later down the road. This means more impact from the same videos over time.