The Signature Vlogging Series

The Sweet Spot That's Been Missing.

When it comes to video marketing for a small business, up to now there have only been a few options, and none of them really fit the needs of a small business growing into a brand.

You had videographers that expect you to come to the table with your brand messaging strategy.

You had strategists that may help with the brand strategy but don't actually produce any video,

Then you had a local film production house that is amazing at storytelling at cinema quality, but could run you easily close to 20k, leaving you with one 60 second commercial. 

Our Signature Vlogging Series is the sweet spot that the bold small business brand has been looking for. The option that helps you with the brand strategy part, but also connects that strategy to consistent, cinema quality thought leadership video that's ready to perform online.

The Signature Vlogging Series is the first video branding service designed for the bold small business ready to position their brand as a go-to leader in it's space. This is done by combining essential elements of brand positioning, video blogging and lead generation into one easy, turn key package.





Positioned, Designed and Packaged.

The "Signature" in the name refers to your thought leadership video series being tastefully packaged under one brand-tailored concept, tagline, and call to action. This means all thought leadership video from the series is snack-able and unified. This allows your brand to position it's expertise and unique lens while attracting the best fit leads to your site. 

One Shoot Day. Multiple Episodes.

Your average commercial video production offers a "one shoot day, one video produced" price option that's been holding  the small business marketer back for years. We all know, this is no longer relevant to how content performs online today. The Signature Vlogging Series is executed at cinema level, minus the Hollywood studio price tag. Now, that same "one shoot day" is able to capture all of the episodes needed to create an entire thought leadership series. For the savvy marketer, this means up to 12 episodes of cinema quality thought- leadership video at the same traditional cost of one quality commercial video from a film house.

Recycle, Repurpose, & Re-Use. 

The true value of a Signature Vlogging Series is much bigger than the first few months it is used. With the evergreen messaging designed into each video in the series, we help you effectively recycle, reuse and re purpose the relevant video from the original series for the stages of your buyer's journey later down the road. This means more impact from the same videos recycled over time.


Package 1:

Up To 12 Video Episodes Signature Series

[brand positioning strategy, series design + film production]

*Starting at $5999



We will work with you intimately over a period of 8 weeks to create an original on-brand video content series filled with up to 12 thought leadership episodes designed to position your brands expertise and unique lens on your space.

  • Brand Strategy:
  • Brand Positioning + Messaging + Funnel Alignment Strategy Session [2 hour] - Define brand values, expertise & messaging within the series.
  • Original Vlogging Series Name & Tagline Creation - Creation of original series name and tagline that is aligned to brands core values
  • Social Media Launch Checklist - A pre launch checklist of best practices for highest engagement & conversion per launch of the series
  • Design:
  • Original Series Logo and Bumper Design - Design of 2 logo choices that express the on brand concept of the series.
  • Filming + Editing
  • Mood & Score
  • Format - One repeatable format allows for each video in the series to be uniform and familiar.
  • Shoot Day Production - One full shoot day (Up to 8 hours) 
  • Post Production Editing - Here we craft your shoot day into up to 12 snack-able episodes

Package 2:

Up To 24 Episode Signature Vlogging Series

[strategy team + design team +  film production team] 

*Starting at $9999