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1 on 1 Video Strategy Sessions 

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Starting at $199/Hour

[3& 6 month consulting agreements available]  


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From this package you receive::

  • Building Authority Through Thought Leadership
  • Quality Lead Generation

Best Used To:


Signature Vlogging Series

Starting at $4999 

Packages of 8 or 24 episodes

The premier service of Inbound Film. This package is for organizations needing to establish trust and authority in their industry through consistent thought leadership video that both builds brand and generates quality leads. From this series, an organization gets to share their unique insight and knowledge with their audience through a vlogging series that's designed seamless, simple and signature to them.


Best Used To:

  • Increase in organic SEO traffic
  • Consideration stage conversion
  • Awareness Stage lead generation
  • Establishing/ building trust as a Thought Leader & Expert

From this package you receive::

●  This custom vlogging package creates 5 pieces of informative thought leadership content into one seamless, simple, and signature video series.

●  This Package Includes:

●  One custom themed vlog series concept direction + name

●  One custom designed logo to support series name

●  One uniform format/structure to support 5 videos

One Custom mood, soundtrack + art direction

●  Messaging talking points for all 5 videos in the series, estimated: in length each

●  Pre-Planning for the filming of all  videos

●  Filming + Production of all videos in the series

●  Editing of all  videos in the series

●  Best practice tips at launch + Review of campaign performance post-launch. 


  • [New] Interactive dashboard: See a visual representation of your video's performance. Monitor views, engagements, and conversions across multiple mulitple campaigns


  • [New] Wrap Up Report:  summarizes the highlights and accomplishments of your video campaign.



"Why" Explainer Video 

Starting at $3999


The Focal Point package is designed for

This package offers one very  high quality piece of video content produced with a clear context, in story form, made to evoke emotion from the ideal customer.  The message of this video is carefully designed to solve an identified problem faced by that customer at a specific stage of the buyer’s journey where that problem is currently unmet. The key is that the video is placed and distributed at a high impact conversion opportunity within their inbound campaign. This gives the video the best chance to show clear ROI over time.

From this package you receive:

  • Connect Emotionally based on their deeper purpose
  • Clear and Concise communication of brand benefits
  • Showcase authentic personality of a company

Best Used To:

  • Increased Conversion of leads to customers


[Add On] Targeted Social Reach & Video Ad Management

Starting at $500/ month 

*additional to actual ad spend budget/expenses

traditonal advertisement looks alot different when it comes to social media, Blurs the line giving targeted paid reach to helpful, organic video content 

This amplifys and gurantees targeted reach to organic video content that has a more helpful, useful approach to it. Making sure as a "sponsored post" that it gets in front of more of the right people who have been targeted 


So as that shift changes thats the whole idea of "Inbound ads" keep the approach of stage specific, useful content but the key is you pay to reach a targeted demographic on demand (which scales) . this I can completely agree with ( because it saves much time in waiting to be found) while still keeping the "warm and fuzzy" approach per say


Best Used To:






Whole Journey Positioning Package

Starting at $7999


The Buyer's Journey Positioning Package is designed for an organization that is looking to bring their personality to life, build a human connection through video, and position their brand as experts with a purposeful mission, at each of the four stages of the buyer's journey.


Here, we design 4-7 short videos that will help move your audience through each important stage. The key is that all videos are crafted with a consistent mood, style, and energy to make that viewing experience feel seamless no matter what stage the prospective customer is currently in.

Organizations that take advantage of this package are able to position their brand values and culture to  create trust faster. This is because the  ideal customer is reintroduced to the organization through quality video that has clear context at each stage. Because this video is so powerful, this often results in highest quality leads and best fit customers.


Best Used To:

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