How to use Inbound Film at each stage


Below are examples of video created through inbound film, in alignment to the four stages of the buyer's journey. 

Stage 1: Awareness Stage


The goal of videos at the first stage in the buyer's journey, awareness, is to answer any or all initial questions your audience may be experiencing based on their current pain.


1. How To

Help Them Help Themselves

Our how to videos allow an organization to educate their audience on the key steps to fixing their immediate problem. It encourage them to rethink the way they perform an activity that's important to them


2. Influencer Stories

Build trust through the lifestyle of a trusted Influencer

Our Influencer story videos put a product in the hands of an influential person that is respected by the community of the target audience. Done in true story form, each video is designed to showcase how the influencer actually uses, and appreciates the product in their everyday life.


3. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Answer the tough questions they’re already looking for

Our FAQ videos allow an organization to earn trust by answering the top questions their audience is already searching for. By answering the questions associated with the audience’s immediate pain, a organization earns the chance to introduce better questions to help the audience going forward.


4. Short Snacks

Loosen up and have a little fun

Our snack videos are fun, creative videos that don't meet existing demand, but nevertheless engage your target audience due to their fun nature. These videos are usually most useful on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, where users browse without specific intent but still enjoy being entertained.


5. Guru Thought Leader

Educate, and Build Authority

Our  guru videos are an educational or informational piece that is designed to display thought leadership in your industry. These videos can be recordings of lectures or be used as supplemental pieces of content for blog posts



Stage 2: Consideration Stage


The goal of videos at the second stage in the buyer's journey, consideration, are to help the prospect continue to research possible solutions to their identified problem now that they have a soft list of potential partners.

1. Explainer/Positioning

Share the organization's unique purpose

Our explainer video is arguably the most useful video within a content strategy. Comparable to an elevator pitch in the sense that they both simply communicate the unique value of a product or service, the explainer video also allows an organization to position their values, promise, and culture as well. 52% of consumers say that watching an explainer product video made them more confident in their online purchase decisions and 66% of consumers will watch this video two or more times.


2. Whiteboard Webinar

Become the Teacher, Minus the Classroom

Our  Whiteboard videos are an informal and strangely captivating way of explaining concepts or systems. Simply put, a whiteboard video consists of nothing more than a person standing in front of a whiteboard and sketching a visualization of what he or she is trying to explain. They are great at proving expertise on a subject and with the right filmmaking elements used, great at showcasing true passion as well.


3. About Us

Help them get closer to the people behind the product

Our about us videos are about the passion driving an ogranizations vision and the people that make it happen. Most people find it easier to connect with real human beings, so these videos let the personality of the employees and the environment of the workplace shine through. Here is the time for the team's Interests, hobbies and passions to be spotlighted.


4. Company Culture

They know the product, now share the people.

Our Company culture videos showcase the people, environment, and values of an organization. This type of video should dive deep into the human experience of the people behind the product . Culture video’s have risen in demand as work/ life balance have grown in importance.



Stage 3: Decision Stage


The goal of videos at the third stage of the buyer's journey, decision, is to assist the prospect in making the final decision by sharing specific details that prove why a product/ service is the best fit in comparison to the competitors.


1. Product Comparison

Show the Details By Difference

Our Product Comparison video compare the history, features, benefits and usability of two products or services that the prospective customer is often having trouble choosing between.


2. Customer Success Story

Show how the customer is the hero

Customer success videos should genuinely express how a past customer was able to reach an important goal by using the  product/service in their own words and experience.


3. Product Demonstration

Getting into the nitty gritty

Product Demonstration videos offer the audience a chance to learn how the details of a product are functionally used on a day to day basis and how this could work into their everyday life



Stage 4: Delight Stage


The goal of videos in the fourth stage of the buyer's journey, Delight, is to support the new customer with tools to getting the most out of their new purchase, and help them feel apart of a tribe community bigger than themselves.


1. Event Recap

For those who missed the party

Event Recap videos build community. They  showcase the environment, energy and sounds from an industry event. For customers that may have missed this event it allows them the ability to re live an event that they otherwise would have just missed. This keeps  the event top of mind for the next time it comes around and allows the event to reach a much farther audience then just those who attended.