Introducing Inbound Film


Video Storytelling Crafted For Inbound Marketers


Video For The Journey.

Journi is a premium video partner specializing in story driven video for Inbound marketing campaigns. We believe when an organization is brave enough to share their human side through helpful video that's aligned to each stage of the buyers journey, special things happen. 


What is Inbound Film?

Traditional filmmakers focus on producing stories that connect to emotion. 

Traditional videographers focus on the technical of video production. 

Inbound film takes the best elements from both of these crafts and aligns them to fit with the inbound methodology. This creates inbound campaigns equipped with video content that bridges the gap between brand and conversion.



How will Inbound Film grow my marketing agency?

Watch how HubSpot silver partner agency Catalyst Marketing Group solved their dip in conversions, brought their clients personality to life, and proved the success of their video by partnering with Journi



    Personalized and Persona Driven 

Video that's personalized, created by a video team that shares the same values, philosophy, and language as you.  

Increased conversions

Video that creates higher quality leads and better traffic to your existing ebooks, blogs, subscriptions and guides.


Increased Retainers for your Agency

Video that create's additional revenue streams, helping your agency stand out from the crowd. 

They really helped us design video to close that gap between prospects and customers. Even better, they allowed my clients personality to finally be brought to life. This had been so hard to showcase through written words alone.
— Keri Larue | Ceo of Catalyst Marketing Group