The Signature Vlogging Series


Evolve How You Market Your Brand With Video. 

Today, consistent, quality video is king for earning attention, creating awareness, and becoming trusted as an expert/authority in almost any industry. building trust and earning authority using video was once "nice to have". Now it's a "must have." 

If you’ve ever tried to grow your brand using professional video, you’ve probably experienced one of these three scenarios:

You've found a local videographer that can execute on production, but they expect you to come to the table with your own strategy and vision. Your job is to find the story, their job is to point and shoot.

Or, you've worked with a brand & content coach to create a strategy, but they can't produce the actual video at a professional level. Sorry, That's on you.

Maybe you’ve found a high-end film production house that will get you that beautiful cinema quality look you’re going for, the problem here is it costs the entirety of your marketing budget.

Some production companies will charge 10k or more for just one 60 second commercial. In a fast-paced social media world, that "60-second commercial" is expiring faster than ever. That one highly produced, video sitting on a website just doesn't hold the same impact anymore (especially if you go broke just trying to produce it).

What's been missing is the sweet spot in between these three.

Our Signature Vlog Series is the first higher end video branding service designed to help the bold small business position their brand as a lovable authority in their industry through consistent, high end video content. That lovable authority becomes the gateway to trust, building a tribe and sales.

The service behind the making of each vlog series combines practices from brand positioning, cinema-quality video production and lead generation into one, turnkey package.

Watch how Hannah's Signature Vlog Series is increasing their school admission rate below.


It’s Like your own Netflix Series. By Your Brand & For Your Customers.

We like to say The Signature Vlog Series is similar to your brand having its own Netflix series. Each video is an episode, strategically designed to be recycled and repurposed, so that it can impact other stages of your buyer's journey.

The landscape for film has changed. Just as streaming services have transformed the way we view television, social media has transformed the way we view traditional video advertisements. Televised commercials are often ignored and can end up as a huge waste of money for your brand. What’s worse – they don’t offer much additional value or education to your customer.

On the other hand, video content that only educates but doesn't entertain your audience can often be too bland to actually stand out in the sea of marketing content.

That’s why we’ve create the perfect tool for the middle ground. Each Signature Vlogging Series is designed to shape your expertise into messaging that provides real value to your customer. It’s delivered in a conversational way that both informs and inspires. It’s the best of both worlds.


Each Vlog Series Is Custom Packaged & Positioned.

Our goal is to help you stand out in the noise of daily online content. To make you consistent and familiar to the prospective buyer. That’s what "Signature" in Signature Vlogging Series is about: tastefully packaging your series under one unified concept, tagline and call to action. Your audience will be able to quickly and easily recognize your episode, sending a visual que that helps your brand cut through the noise.


One Shoot Day Captures An Entire Series Of Vlog Episodes.

A local film production house offers a "one shoot day, one video produced" price option. Times have changed. Social media requires that your video content be regular – not one 2 minute ad, but short, weekly,  if not daily helpful content.

We make sure that same "one shoot day" is able to capture all of the episodes needed to create your entire video blog Series. One Signature Vlog Series can produce up to twelve snack-able episodes of cinema quality video, at the same investment it would take you to produce one traditional commercial through a local film production house. So, if you decided to release one episode a week, you would be getting up to 3 months of on-brand video content, for around the same investment of one commercial ad.


Cinema Quality Vlog Episodes. Minus The Big Production House Price Tag.

Ever wonder why so many of us binge watch Netflix? High quality production with great story = emotional connection. Each Signature Vlog Series offers that same cinema level quality for your brand on a consistent basis, minus the huge price tag of a big film production house.

Cinema quality film work creates the highest level of brand perception and emotional connection. Paired with the right messaging this creates a deeper, longer lasting impact – the kind you just can’t get with just handheld video. The kind that helps your brand stand out from all the competition.


All Vlog Episodes are Snackable & Ready To Impact on Social.

Social media is undeniably one of the most valuable tools for brand awareness. But audience attention is short lived and scarce, especially for smaller brands that are still building their community. This is why being short, consistent, and useful with your video content is more impactful than being long winded – or worse, long winded and short lived. That’s why every Signature Vlog Series produces a complete series of snack-able videos (under 2 min length) that allow your brand to show up consistently and effectively over time.


All Video designed to be Recycled, Repurposed, & Re-Used.

The true value of a Signature Vlog Series is much bigger than the first few months it is used. With the evergreen messaging designed into each video in the series, we help you effectively recycle, repurpose and reuse relevant video from your series for each stage of your buyer's journey. This means more consistency, more connection, more impact over time.

The Cost Of Not Vlog Marketing

Cisco reveals that video will account for 82 percent of internet traffic by 2021. You tube is currently the second largest search engine in the world reaching more US adults  ages 18 - 34 than any cable network and 44 percent of global internet users are now watching Vlogs every month. The time to market with a vlog is now.

Vlog marketing not only builds trust and brand authority in the most human way possible, the numbers show it is also extremely relevant. Brands that don't take advantage of this opportunity will end up draining money away into old but familiar marketing tactics that continue drive up their cost to acquire a new customer, while their competition instead steals their audiences attention at a fraction of the cost by you guessed it... vlogging. 

Who is the S.V.S. Best Fit For?

The truth is, any business in theory could start vlogging by simply recording themselves talking on a smart phone and uploading to you tube right now.

What the Signature Vlog Series brings to the table though is a much more positioned, polished, and premium version of that concept. The S.V.S is best fit for a business that values brand and video strategy just as much as the cinema quality production that comes after.

They are ready to stand out from everyone else in their niche by carefully weaving their strongest brand values into a better produced series that spotlights their journey, their story, and their image on a higher production level.